What if the line at the pizza concession was too long?

I have done a lot of dumb things without thinking. Scrambled to catch a chef’s knife that was knocked off the counter. Pulled out into traffic when I shouldn’t have. Taken a sip of coffee that was way too hot. But these aren’t things that I deliberated on. I didn’t think, “I am going to see if I can whip my hand around to catch this knife when I drop it. For science.”

This was someone who thought about it and decided, yes, this is what needs to happen right now. This is the appropriate response. And here comes the pizza.

What if the line at the pizza concession was too long? What if the perpetrator was Cheap Jerseys Premier League in the mood for something different? Could this have been even funnier? Let’s quickly explore some possibilities:

This year, we’ll get the answer to the Dowie question, to the one about what happens when you keep your high draft picks rather than trade them away for players who turn out to be busts, and to the one about whether what happened way back when with A-Rod was a fluke or the start of a pattern that’s taken eight years to develop.

Part of the answer to all those questions, probably, is that things won’t change completely overnight. Boston likely won’t make the playoffs this season, but the Breakers probably won’t finish dead last for a third consecutive season, either. This whole building a soccer team thing is something of a puzzle after all, and for the first time, Matt Beard and Co. at least have the pieces that are the same colors as the picture on the box. Whether the cat comes in at night while they sleep and knocks the whole Cheap Jerseys NCAA Basketball thing onto the floor and, like Amanda Frisbie, disappears under the couch again? October is a long way away.

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